User Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Scope of this Agreement

This Agreement provides a general description of the services that Keenli Solutions Inc. may provide to you, including the Payment Services that enable you to accept payments from your Customers or your Sub-merchants’ Customers in exchange for the products and/or services delivered by you or your Sub-merchants. Keenli Solutions Inc. provides a more detailed description of its services and features in its published documentation, API’s and additional resources that are made available to you on our website or in your Dashboard.

Keenli Solutions Inc. cannot be held liable for the products and/or services that are purchased by using the Payment Module. During provision of the Payment Services, Keenli Solutions Inc. acts as a technical service provider for the Financial Institution that ultimately provides the Payment Service under this Agreement.

Your Obligations

You must only accept payments and process them via Keenli Solutions Inc’s Payment Module for the lawful sale of legal goods and services according to the country of establishment of the Organisation and the country of the Customer. Depending on the circumstances the laws of the Netherlands might be applicable to you as well. There are certain categories of Organisations and activities for which the Payment Services cannot be used. Most of these categories are imposed by the Financial Institutions and intermediaries which are used by Keenli Solutions Inc. to process Transactions. Keenli Solutions Inc. keeps a list of prohibited activities. Activities for which Keenli Solutions Inc. cannot provide its services include, but are not limited to, the following categories of products or services that (can) constitute an unacceptable risk for Keenli Solutions Inc.’s reputation: erotic content or services, high-risk financial products or services, certain medicines, illegal or stolen products/services, illegal games of chance, narcotics and certain food supplements. Keenli Solutions Inc. has made the full list of prohibited activities, products and services available on its public website. Keenli Solutions Inc. can, at any time without prior notice, change this list at all times, and remove or add activities. Keenli Solutions Inc. may also decide, at its own discretion, to decline products and services that are not explicitly mentioned on the list, but which may pose an unacceptable risk to Keenli Solutions Inc. based on its own internal policies. By registering with Keenli Solutions Inc., you confirm that you will not use our services for activities other than those approved during registration or explicitly approved by Keenli Solutions Inc. afterwards. If Keenli Solutions Inc. thinks or suspects that, in spite of this, you are accepting payments for prohibited activities as referred to in this Agreement, you must end these prohibited activities immediately at Keenli Solutions Inc.’s request. If you have not ended the prohibited activities within the timeframe set by Keenli Solutions Inc., Keenli Solutions Inc. reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect. In case of doubt, you should contact Keenli Solutions Inc. Support for further information. In the event that Keenli Solutions Inc. determines that your activities pose a risk for Keenli Solutions Inc. which cannot be remedied, Keenli Solutions Inc. reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and without prior notification for such activities.

Security And Confidentiality


Keenli Solutions Inc. will have the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect, and/or suspend the provision of Payment Services and/or settlements temporarily in the event of (a suspicion of) Fraud, indications of Fraud, illegal activities and/or any other situations in which more detailed investigation needs to be conducted. Furthermore, Keenli Solutions Inc. may decide to perform Refunds on your behalf to your Customers in exceptional circumstances. You will be notified of this by email or telephone, unless such notification is not is not permitted by law or considered desirable in the context of the investigation; Keenli Solutions Inc. will not be liable for losses incurred as a result of this investigation.

Security and Fraud Measures

Keenli Solutions Inc. can provide you with security procedures and measures or make suggestions with a view to reducing Fraud. These procedures and measures can include processes or systems developed by Keenli Solutions Inc. or by third parties, including, but not limited to, the introduction of two-factor authentication (2FA) for logging in to the Dashboard. You agree to assess these procedures and measures and choose which of them are appropriate for your activities in order to protect you against unauthorised Transactions, and, if necessary, to use additional procedures and systems not provided by Keenli Solutions Inc. Switching off or refusal to use the security measures and/or procedures increases the chance of unauthorised Transactions.

If applicable to you, you are responsible for use of information on lost or stolen cards by which goods and/or services can be purchased on your Website. Keenli Solutions Inc. is not responsible, nor does Keenli Solutions Inc. indemnify you for losses or damage caused by the use of lost or stolen cards for the Payment Services. This also relates to losses arising from the use of lost or stolen credit cards to make purchases via your Website, or caused by usernames and passwords getting into the wrong hands. Further, you will fully reimburse us for any losses we incur that result from the use of lost or stolen credentials or accounts.


Parties will, barring prior written consent from the other Party, treat all data and information about the other Party (including its affiliates) that is secret or of confidential nature as strictly confidential, secure it in an appropriate manner and not disclose it to third parties in any way whatsoever. Parties will only use the above-mentioned information in the context of this Agreement.

Secret or confidential information is, barring written consent or what is stipulated by this Agreement, in any case, but not limited to: all information that is explicitly indicated as secret or confidential by the other Party, all information and data Parties come to know in the context of this Agreement, technical, financial and business information, drawings, formats, concepts, source codes, pilots and all other information which Parties know, or reasonably ought to know, is secret or of a confidential nature and should not be disclosed to third parties, for example because its disclosure could result in a reasonable chance that the other Party could incur a loss or other disadvantage.

Nor may Parties use or disclose confidential information and/or data provided to them or which they have come to know in the context of an Agreement in the event of, whether premature or not, full or partial termination of an Agreement, or after the termination of an Agreement.

Parties are entitled to disclose or hand over confidential information of the other Party to the competent authorities and government bodies, in cases in which they are required to do so under applicable statutory provisions, or in which Keenli Solutions Inc. is required to deliver it to an Intermediary on the basis of agreements made with such an Intermediary. Keenli Solutions Inc. may also access, aggregate and use non-personally identifiable data, which will in no way identify the Customer, Organisation or any other individual. Keenli Solutions Inc. may use this data to a) better understand how its customers use the Payment Services; b) provide its customers with more information on the use and benefits of the Payment Services; c) improve business productivity, including by creating useful business insights from aggregated data that allow Organisations to benchmark their business performance against such aggregated data; and d) otherwise improve the Payment Services.

Keenli Solutions Inc. is entitled to provide information (including confidential information) to an Intermediary and/or a Financial Institution in the event of (a suspicion of) fraudulent use of the Payment Module and/or at the request of an Intermediary and/or Financial Institution. Keenli Solutions Inc. is entitled to provide information (including confidential information) to any of its affiliates.